Author: Keeley Tenaglia

How to keep your sex life discreet

Sex is not something that we like to show in public, and there are many reasons for that. People do not like to air their dirty laundry in front of others, it all must stay private. It makes sense, sex is very animalistic and most of us try to give out the impression that we are more sophisticated creatures. The bottom line is that sex is a private thing, and we don’t want other people seeing us do it, or even being involved in what happens behind our closed doors. It’s something that is easy enough to do when you’re in a serious relationship, but what if you are single and having casual flings? How do you keep curious gossiping people out of your sex life?

Don’t kiss and tell

If you enjoy having sex regularly with different partners, then keep your naughty stories to yourself. People like to gossip, and whatever you say to someone they will more than likely repeat it to someone else. Before you even know it everybody knows. You might not mind the attention and the high-fives your mates are giving you; but that’s not all that good for the privacy of your partners. Maybe they don’t want others to know; so respect both your privacy and theirs by keeping your sex stories to yourself.

Kissing in public

So you’re quite clearly enjoying a moment with that girl on the dancefloor and it’s obvious the two of you could get it on. Before opening your mouth and eating her whole face in front of everyone, you might consider sitting down somewhere less exposed in the club. Go to the bar together, buy her a drink and suggest that you can take this party somewhere else. Now we’re not saying that you should kiss in public but if you’re doing it every Friday night with a different girl; you’re going to get a reputation. It’s up to you whether you want that sort of rep; because it can be a good thing but it might also lead to potentially more serious relationships not happening because you’re considered to be a bit too…active shall we say.

Hotel rooms

A lot of us still live in shared accommodation, and as such our housemates will often hear what goes on in our bedroom when we bring back that lady after clubbing. Hotel rooms are expensive sure, but they offer a neutral space for two people to use and have sex. That way at least your housemates or housemates don’t have to be subjected to the noises and grunts which usually accompany your average Friday-night love-making.

All about discretion

The bottom line is that you can always benefit from being discreet. It might not be obvious on the moment but later down the line you might be happy that you kept some degree of privacy in your sex life. As such, using naughty dating sites like could well pay off, allowing you to keep your sex life separate from …

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Friend or Lover?

Have you ever been in that position where you and your female friend started getting romantically involved? Heck it doesn’t even have to be romance, some of us have ended up in bed with our friends after a long night of partying, it is not unusual. The thing is that it can sometimes change the dynamics of that friendship, sometimes leading to people not talking to each other. It makes us wonder whether it is a good idea or if it should be avoided altogether…

It happens

Life is unpredictable. Sure there are a lot of friends of the opposite sex who end up being more than that, but it is something that we don’t always plan to do. We get on so well that we are comfortable with each other, and before we even know it we end up waking up next to each other. Don’t get us wrong, it can be a very good thing, sometimes the chemistry is way better than having sex with a stranger. The truth is that there are no real rules to tell if it is a good or a bad thing, it all depends on the people and the situation itself.

Friends with benefits

Having a friend that we can also have sex with is actually very convenient, it definitely saves us the time and effort it usually takes to find a partner. Instead of going out to meet new people we can just call that special friend and arrange a naughty hook-up, it’s fast and easy. Plenty of people search online for a fuck buddy but not everyone has the luck of actually getting one. Sure you can find people to have sex with but it’s not the same as actually knowing that person as a friend. Without a doubt, the best fuck buddies are the ones we meet naturally as we are just more comfortable with each other.

Friendship lost

It is not all roses however. Sleeping with an existing friend can actually cause harm to that friendship if we don’t keep each other in check. Let’s say one starts falling in love but not the other, you get an imbalance that will lead to emotions rising high; resulting in arguments and the possible breaking of that friendship. The best way for things to stay at a good level is for the two people to communicate regularly about things. If the situation gets out of control, you can just stop sleeping with each other and you should still be able to salvage your friendship.

Let life take its course

The best things happen naturally, and as such you don’t want to befriend someone just to have sex with them. This feels like lying as you would be approaching a person with false pretences.  If you have a childhood friend then the friendship might also be too strong, you might not want to mess with that. There are plenty of other friends you will meet in life, this is why a …

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