Functions On Frequently Used Accounting Applications

Accounting application is a system of recording financial transactions on a computer that is tailored to the type of business. This application records financial transactions on a business and provides various types of financial statements that are used for financial control as well as making decisions. For Support : QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number.

Currently, there are many outstanding accounting applications with various specifications and features. Here are some functions in accounting applications that are often used to help companies to manage finances well:

1. Balance Sheet

Is a financial statement produced in a certain accounting period that shows the company’s financial position in the period? This report will be used as the basis for making business decisions. The balance sheet consists of assets, liabilities, and equity. The function of the balance sheet is to provide information on the company’s financial statements in detail by showing the debit and credit companies. FOr support Payroll : QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Number

2. Inventory

Is an asset owned by the company either in the form of finished goods or goods that are still in the process of making? There are three inventory groups: raw material inventory, in-process inventory, and finished goods inventory. Accounting applications provide a warehouse menu and there is an inventory menu that can be inputted and monitored to obtain accurate stock information.

3. Purchasing

Is the process of searching for production raw materials that will be used in the production activities of a business. This purchase process requires a purchase order to be used as proof of purchase of the company. The accounting application also provides this feature to create a purchase report.

4. Sales

In addition to displaying product information, this function also displays discount details and taxes. This sales function is a very important function in the financial process. For tech support : QuickBooks Tech Support Number

5. Stock Opname

This function is important for calculating the physical stock of the product. The purpose of stock opname is to know the truth of the record in the bookkeeping. So it will be known whether the note in the bookkeeping stock opname appropriate or not. Also used as an internal control system to get HPP and compare stock from year to year.

Knowing the core functions of an accounting application will make it easier for us to enter data and get accurate reports.

On the basis of its accounting software has a role and benefits for the progress of the company. Here are some of the roles:
Special journals are never filled. Every staff or company just need to fill in all transactions as it is like taking down a regular transaction. So with this accounting application, will be easier and also speed up the preparation of financial statements that are needed immediately.
All the required journals such as general and special journals will be easily directly in the post to each still in the ledger. In the process of using this accounting application also required a general journal and also a special journal as well as ledgers in preparing financial statements.