Love and romance are one of the life’s greatest pleasures and pains. For most people, dating is difficult and can result in some seriously sad nights where the only meaning of “Netflix and chill” is spending the night cuddled up on your couch watching nature documentaries or bad romantic comedies with a pint of cookie dough ice cream. But if you’re having trouble finding someone, there are always ways you change it up and make new connections. This article will help you do just that, so just keep reading for great tips and tricks to help you find the one.

Change Up Your Look

You should never change who you are just to find someone. However, you can step up your look to something you’ll like better on yourself. Never sport something you’re not comfortable or happy wearing after you’ve given it a chance for yourself, because even if it does help you find someone, that someone probably isn’t the one if they don’t vibe with who you really are. So, find looks that you’ve always wanted to wear but never had the confidence to, or never really thought of doing. Staying in your comfort zone can be disastrous in many areas of your life, but especially when it comes to being the person you really are. Check out clothing stores like Nine West to enhance your closet and style. Once you find looks that better suit yourself, it will improve how you feel on a daily basis, and confidence is one of the top-cited traits that potential partners look for.

Meet New People

This one may seem obvious, but for a lot of people, they’re stuck in the same routines with the same people that they’re on the daily basis. For some people, this even extends to hanging out with just their in-group at work. While you can certainly join a dating site, if you’re looking for something more serious, one of the best ways to find someone is simply by changing the people you’re around on a daily basis. Mix it up and start hanging out with coworkers or neighbors you haven’t with before. One of the most best ways to find lifelong connections is through the people you know and friends of friends.

Get Out More

If you have exhausted all your friends and friends of friends, another great way to meet new people in a real way is to change up your habits. Join a yoga class or gym, start a book club, expand your hobbies to things you’ve always been interested in and you’ll soon realize that not only are you happier, but you’ll be meeting tons of people in no time!