Tips for the Best Phone Dating Experience

Dating is an often challenging, awkward job. This extends to phone dating. If you follow some effective tips, you can have a very enjoyable dating or phone dating experience.

Stay Calm and Be Clear

If you have decided to call your dearest one and want to ask him or her out, you should make your first move powerful and strong. If you don’t have proper knowledge about what to say while you are on phone, first take a deep breath and then make a perfect plan before dialing. And try to be absolutely clear and positive with your intention. If you decide to invite him or her on dinner date, don’t apply too much pressure. Some people, especially ladies, often try to avoid going on a dinner date alone. So it is best to invite her to join you at a friendly gathering. Think of the activity first, then call. This will instill confidence in you.

Be Positive

If your sweetheart asks you how are doing, try to avoid talking about how horrible your day has been. Always keep things relaxed and positive. While talking with someone through phone chat, make a good impression first which is extremely important. Always keep your voice relaxed and speak clearly and slowly.

Keep It Short

Dating is always exciting and thrillingbecause someone is on the phone. Often you might have confusion that how to keep the conversation going on. If you have any crazy chemistry, try to save it for your first date. But try to keep it short which help to keep your crush wanting more. After a successful date, make sure to learn how to talk suggestively over the phone. Older women especially love this type of flirtatious phone chat. If you’re unfamiliar flirty phone chat, try a free mature chat line like Cougar Phone.

Play It Smart

While you are chatting with someone on phone, try to pay proper attention on him or her word that what he or she say. If he or she seem super negative, or make some creepy comments, make your excuses and then dip out. This is a smart decision. It will be easier to hang up the phone than to escape any bad date! Always keep safety, in this matter you have to super smart. Try to arrange your first date on public place or group sitting.

Be Polite

While you are involved on phone chatting, you have to maintain the phone etiquette, especially when you are asking someone out. Try to call at respectable time, first you should ask him or her if he or she is free to talk. Then ask about their day. Actually first you need to do light chit-chat, before popping the question. It is important to remember that if he or she agree with you to go out you, don’t say thank you. This is sounding like desperate. You need to use the word like awesome. Try to be polite and enthusiastic while you are engaged in a phone chat for dating.